Saturday, 21 March 2015

The German War Machine ...

The German War Machine, gruesomely illustrated by the famous Belgian cartoonist, Raemaekers, who having been driven into exile in London by the German invasion of his country, decided on a spot of moral outrage.

Cartoonists are valuable people. Some good advice to would-be despots might be: never persecute a cartoonist. It's like flapping at wasp. If you annoy it, it will inflict pain on you out of all proportion to its size in the scheme of things. And even if you kill it, there'll be a whole hive of them who will come after you.

The wilful fellow in the pointy hat should be familiar to you by now, Noble Readers. The inscription on his platform reads, "von Gottes Gnaden", which was once a component of the familiar phrase:

"Seine Kaiserliche und Königliche Hoheit Wilhelm der Erste, von Gottes Gnaden Deutscher Kaiser und König von Preußen, Markgraf von Brandenburg, &c."

"His Imperial and Royal Majesty Wilhelm the First, by the Grace of God, German Emperor and  King of Prussia; Margrave of Brandenburg, &c."   By the grace of God ... Quite.

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